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marian anderson

marian anderson (1897 - 1993) was one of the great voices of the 20th century. her singing caused americans to get past their prejudicial traditions, and listen together. marian performed concerts and recitals with many of the major orchestras, in most of the renowned music halls of the world. although a celebrated contralto, she only once sang an opera role on stage, in 1955, on the same occasion that she became the first black person ever to perform at the metropolitan opera in new york.

born in philadelphia, pennsylvania to a purveyor of ice and coal, she was trained to sing at the union baptist church in south philly. in 1939, the daughters of the american revolution prevented her from performing for an integrated audience at constitution hall. in response to the d.a.r.’s racially-based objections, eleanor roosevelt arranged a legendary, public, open-air concert on easter sunday at lincoln memorial. that concert marked an innovation in culture.

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